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Hi, my name is Petra Jolles.  This is my web page.  Below I have included just a little about me if you are curious.  On this page you will also find links to my other pages.  To date I only have one though.  However, I hope to amend this in the near future, so stay tuned! 
              Birth:  September 19, 1966 
             Occupation:  Clerk for Chook Industries 
                Height:  5'6 
             Weight:  Average 
             Hobbies:  Shopping and Watching E! 
             Likes:  Snow, Rainstorms, Eating out, Friends and Family 
             Dislikes:  Predatory Birds 
             Fav TV Channel:  I love E!, I could watch it all day! 
             Fav Movie:  Far and Away 
             Fav Actor:  Brad Pitt 
             Relationship Status:  Single and looking :)    

I hope that wasn't too boring, and if by some strange circumstance you want to know more about me, just drop me an email.

My Pages
I don't really don't have too much to offer here.  But I hope to have some other stuff real soon.  This is the only page I have to date.  Just click the image below to go to the site. 
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TV Links - This is E Entertainment's Home page.  P.S. Read the Gossip column, it is great! 

Rainstorm Links: - Find out when it is going to rain near you! - This page has some really great lines on it about rainstorms. 

If you have any good rainstorm links, please send them to me.  Thanks. :)  And I don't have many links in general here yet, but I really hope to expand this section soon also. 

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