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Tuesday, May 30, 2000

I put clothespins on my nipples and I swear, my chest looked just like a little spider crab.
(Posted at 04:38:08 PM EDT.)

Monday, May 29, 2000

The Chew Test
Did you ever notice that chewy food tends to have an odor while hard food tends to have no scent. Prove me wrong.
(Posted at 05:53:27 PM EDT.)

I've gotta remember not to offend people who listen to hardcore.
(Posted at 04:39:27 PM EDT.)

Missing Recordings
Look, there is a two day gap in my Larry Snow Mind Lab log... what happened on those two days? It is as if because the time was unaccounted for, I ceased to exist. Those two days are like the lost recordings of Larry Snow. Whence I doist releasist my box set, maybe those two unaccounted for days will appear, and will fans will go mad.
(Posted at 02:02:33 PM EDT.)

Negan, Quagan, Palestine, Do you have the Larry Time, We didn't start the fire.

Man, I love Billy Joel.

(Posted at 01:55:57 PM EDT.)

Friday, May 26, 2000

Assistance in Mind Lab
Dr. Sbaitso has come over from the Creative Lab to assist me in the Mind Lab.

Link: Imposter Remote Dr. Sbaitso

(Posted at 05:36:55 AM EDT.)

There is only one Mind Lab. But, I do like competition.

Link: The Impostor

(Posted at 05:22:44 AM EDT.)

I am feeling very remote and am not remotely interested in your remotely uninteresting remote talk. I bet you are controlled by a remote.
(Posted at 05:13:58 AM EDT.)

There are approximately 1500 words in the English language. There are approximately 7.9 million in the American language. STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER.
(Posted at 05:12:09 AM EDT.)

The Remote
My hand is the remote, THE REMOTE IS MY HAND.
(Posted at 05:09:44 AM EDT.)

Thursday, May 25, 2000

Bebe's Kids
Does anybody know if Bebe's Kids won an Oscar?
(Posted at 05:21:58 PM EDT.)

Sharpy Bean
Sharpy Bean is being held in the mountain stronghold by a group baddies!
(Posted at 04:47:12 PM EDT.)

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Poachers the Advertising Scheme
Poachers also make a good advertising scheme. Poachers are great comic relief. Crocodile Dundee was a box office smash hit because they made good use of Poachers. They even made a Crocodile Dundee II cause the Poacher scheme was so successful.
(Posted at 05:46:04 AM EDT.)

Show me the pony!
Somebody on the Bulletin Board called Looking, posted a message on 22:20:32 5/23/2000 looking for advertising schemes. You have come to the right place! For I am a wealth of ideas, but I do not give my ideas away. I do sell them however.

Pony Pie just 5.95
Pony Wi-Hi
Pony for boy
Pony for a girl
Pony for old man Codger
Ponies around the World!
Pony + Pony equals Two Pony
Show me the Pony!

(Posted at 05:40:10 AM EDT.)

Flaming Tabasco Grey Poupon
I wonder why they haven't made Flaming Tabasco Grey Poupon. It seems to be a natural progression in the Pouponian line of food condiments. May be Grey Poupon thinks they are too good... Screw classy food. I'll just eat buffalo wing sauce on my french fries.
(Posted at 05:17:17 AM EDT.)

De'signation du contenu
Ha! Ha! That makes me laugh. I feel just like I'm in the Grey Poupon commercial. No, I don't have any Grey Poupon, but I do have a dead in eel in my pants.

Link: I think someone is manipulating figures here...
Picture: Gourmet Bulk Food Condiments is the only way to go.

(Posted at 05:12:14 AM EDT.)

List of Contents (De'signation due contenu)
(Posted at 05:02:36 AM EDT.)

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Black things in your tooth means it is time to brush.
(Posted at 03:06:03 PM EDT.)

Monday, May 22, 2000

Smokey Quartz
Smokey quartz makes for a great gift for the wife or girlfriend; cause it is gem that they can do real big. I really like those smokey quartz earrings. I think they're fab.
(Posted at 06:16:46 PM EDT.)

It was my finger that smelled like pepper. That's funny. But I'm not laughing.
(Posted at 03:25:09 PM EDT.)

Something smells like pepper...
(Posted at 03:24:22 PM EDT .)

Sunday, May 21, 2000

Robots VS Dogs
A crazy notion, but it happens.

Picture: Robot VS Dog

(Posted at 05:04:50 PM EDT.)

Sunday, May 21, 200

Wheelly Bar
My bar on wheels, it didn't happen. So much for big plans. That's okay, I'll just throw the shopping cart in the neighbor's dog pen.
(Posted at 04:06:14 PM EDT.)

Ignant Speaker
I asked the speaker guy up Circuit City if they could install a Woofer, a Tweeter and a Hooter speaker in my car. He thought I was joking. You'd think they'd have more competent people working at Circuit City, but they don't.
(Posted at 04:03:45 PM EDT.)

Saturday, May 20, 2000

Saturday Bar
I haven't slept in about 37 hours, and it is right about now, DJ Fatboy Slimmy, that I start looking to build things. I've heard in Chicago they have these new hover bars. A floating bar is hockey for me, too much like a happy cloud in Mario World. However, I do like the notion of a movable bar just like I like the notion of Silver Dollar Nipples. So I am going to pop over to food lion and take a couple wheels off the shopping carts and make me wheelly bar. Hell, maybe I'll just throw a whole cart in the back of the Mini Van and make a lazy man's movable bar by attaching a piece of plywood with duct tape to the top of the cart. The Mini Van has got tons of room.
(Posted at 06:20:40 AM EDT.)

Snowashion is HARDKORN
If you are a merchandising consultant for either the Gucci or Puma line of products, I too would like to advertise your goods just the members of the innovative band Korn do on their web site. Gucci and Puma are obviously products that speak to the young generation. I feel with your endorsement and by decking me out in your gear, our nation of youth would listen to me just like they do Korn. Perhaps you could develope me a catchy name for "fashion" like Korn's "phashion". Perhaps "Snowashion".

Link: Korn Phashion

(Posted at 05:14:55 AM EDT.)

Mind Lab forgot the "e" on Welcome. Everything is done for a purpose though. Clarity is often contingent on time. Welcome to Mind Lab.
(Posted at 12:04:20 AM EDT.)

Greeting in the New Day
Mind Lab greets the dawn of the new day. Welcom to Mind Lab.
(Posted at 12:01:40 AM EDT.)

Friday, May 19, 2000

A small green light stays on forever, the red light blinks intermittently. Welcome to Mind Lab.
(Posted at 11:58:58 PM EDT.)

Orange Soap is Mind Lab
The only soap in the Mind Lab is the type that smells like an orange orchard and eats the top three layers of skin off your hands.
(Posted at 08:02:36 PM EDT.)

How many minds are in the Mind Lab?
Millions of Minds.
(Posted at 06:37:48 PM EDT.)

What is located in the Mind Lab?
(Posted at 02:56:34 PM EDT.)

Introduzca (en espanol)
La casa de la mente es Laboratorio De La Mente.
(Posted at 12:27:14 PM EDT.)

The house of the mind is Mind Lab.
(Posted at 12:24:23 PM EDT.)

No Floppy Disks
There are no floppy disks in the Mind Lab.
(Posted at 11:17:29 AM EDT.)

Welcome to Mind Lab
%% I'll be in the Mind Lab for the rest of the day, nobody bother me.
(Posted at 09:31:59 AM EDT.)

The ABC's or Railing
I have often thought of establishing a transmigrational railroad so that I may travel from point A to point B with relative ease. If such a rail existed, I could also stop by points C and D and check on my other many vested potential potentials. The only hang up I can make out right now, is all the livestock farmland we would have to barrel through. May be a barb wire fence could be erected, may be razor wire. Wouldn't that be fun.
(Posted at 08:07:47 AM EDT.)

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Omni is TRUTH
"Ding Dong" probably sounds different to every ear. Maybe to Harry's ear it sounds like, "Dear, Deer" and maybe to Sally Mae's ear, "Doo, Doo". Pigeons probably all hear the same "Ding, Dong" sound though, cause pigeons only have brains the size of raisins. I read that in Omni.
(Posted at 07:36:12 PM EDT.)

Ding Dong
You ever wonder where the "ding dong" sound for the doorbell came from? The doorbell doesn't "ding dong". I can't tell you what sound the doorbell makes, but it doesn't go "ding dong", I can tell you that. It's just something that popped in my head.
Link: This kid is stupid.

(Posted at 04:54:15 PM EDT.)

The Answer to my own Riddle
Of course pigeons would eat peanut butter. They eat Vienetta and they eat silly string, so why wouldn't they eat peanut butter? I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I love riddles.
(Posted at 01:40:32 PM EDT .)

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