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Friday, November 15, 2002

For Lester
Thank you! Wow, I really thought it was Thursday! Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 14:20:24 -0400 (EDT) To: Larry Snow From: Lester Wilkerson Subject: mindlab Date Larry- man I justchekc your post on Mindlab. It is friday yuo were on vacation or some shit I bet that is wht you think its not.
(Posted at 12:10:33 PM EST.)

Tech Support
The guy on the tech support line put me on hold for like twenty minutes. When I finally got through, I complained about the wait, and made sure that I spoke to the supervisor on duty. She offered a phone number that I could call in order to lodge my complaint. So I did. That's pretty much been my morning. Thank God today is Wednesday. I don't know if I'd make it all the way to Friday if it were like, Monday or something.
(Posted at 11:24:10 AM EST.)

Thursday, November 14, 2002

What in the world?
Where is that typwriter clacking coming from? I swear to God, when I find out, I'm going to throw that fucking thing out the window.
(Posted at 1:15:16 PM EST.)

SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Don't tell anyone about Tigger!
(Posted at 12:16:01 PM EST.)

Monday, November 11, 2002

Nite Owlz
Damn, I've been keeping too many late nights recently. But that's when the Nite Owlz come out. Keep your heads down! Night Owlz on the prowlz!
(Posted at 11:12:02 PM EST.)

That's what I thought. I got your sorry asses.
(Posted at 12:28:23 AM EST.)

A person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired. Hey, check out the link below...


(Posted at 12:27:05 AM EST.)

This can't possibly be true- I bet there's still some stuff left I haven't seen yet. Somebody's trying to pull the ol' wool over Larry's eyes. I bet it's Jim. I docked him the entire month of September for calling in too much.

Jim's little prank

(Posted at 12:16:53 AM EST.)

Saturday, November 9, 2002

Cat Shit
The valet at the Fresno left my windows down, and two cats got into my Hummer and shit all over the dash. That son of a bitch- he's lucky I tipped him BEFORE I saw the cat shit. I had to Febreeze the living shit out of the dash. Hey, that's funny because I really did have to Febreeze the shit out of the dash. I should write this stuff down.
(Posted at 10:10:21 PM EST.)

Friday, November 8, 2002

That poor kitty never saw THAT coming.

Angry Japanese Sauce Hero

(Posted at 11:03:03 PM EST.)

The Sting
Good gravy. It really is the end of the world.


(Posted at 10:48:33 PM EST.)

For Sarah:
Get my tickets NOW.
(Posted at 10:45:37 PM EST.)

Seven Maidens
If I had my own website, it would be called "Seven Maidens". I would always be depicted as the farmer surrounded by maidens prepared to do my every bidding. On second thought, I'd make it 8 maidens. I wonder if I could get the Monty Python guy to be the webmaster.
(Posted at 10:43:19 PM EST.)

Jim had my paper all along. I'm glad I got it back before he did the crossword. I still think the times is on the verge of bankruptcy though.
(Posted at 10:47:24 AM EST.)

No newspaper this morning. Maybe they went bankrupt.
(Posted at 9:14:07 AM EST.)

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Maybe I should get my hair styled. That girl on the Survivor Channel Fashion Hour keeps talking about "tips". I wonder if I would look good with color "tips" in my hair. Maybe I'd look like that kid from the Mountain Dew commercial. Man, I would kill for a Mountain Dew right now.
(Posted at 9:01:38 PM EST.)

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

You know...
Now that I think about it, the moon is a pretty big place. I bet those are other pictures from the moon. I didn't see a NASA logo anywhere in those shots. I hope the Russkies haven't been to the moon. That's un-American.
(Posted at 10:58:33 PM EST.)

How can this be????
I'm speechless!


(Posted at 10:50:14 PM EST.)

I wonder if I got any votes. Sarah said she voted for Chief Moose. I didn't see his name on the ballet though...
(Posted at 10:08:08 PM EST.)

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Super Tuesday
Did you remember to vote? I did. But if you didn't, you can always use the "I Voted" sticker from last election. They never change it, so people will still think that you did you patriotic duty. Come to think of it, I wish they'd get a new sticker already. I mean, all that tax money and they can't update a lousy sticker once in a while? Come to think of it, where do those tax dollars go anyway? I should have someone look into that.
(Posted at 11:49:54 PM EST.)

Monday, November 4, 2002

I slept through Halloween. I had the perfect costume too. I bet there's still some discount candy at WalMart.
(Posted at 12:19:07 PM EST.)

Friday, September 13, 2002

Dollar Days
It is virtually amazing, the Dollar Days site looks just like the Dollar Tree except that it is is on the web. Is today a Dollar Day? I don't know. We will see.

Dollar Days

(Posted at 8:28:10 AM EDT.)

Tic Tacs
I fit like 100 Tic Tacs in my mouth just now and it was tic-tac-a-licious.
(Posted at 8:17:24 AM EDT.)

Friday, September 6, 2002

I was thinking about all those contaminated cows a while back they were going to send into fields to check for mines. Another good use for them might be test drugs on them, like LSD and crack so that we would know what the effects would be.
(Posted at 12:06:56 PM EDT.)

Friday, August 23, 2002

Something in my sock
I just found a toenail clipping in my sock. I'd better not shout it too loud, otherwise everyone will want one in their's too.
(Posted at 7:27:51 AM EDT.)

I usually don't let people get the better of me, but my cereal box Ghostbusters backpack just isn't looking so cool next to other's peoples packs.

The Competition

(Posted at 7:21:41 AM EDT.)

Cereal Boxes
I'm completely out of cereal boxes. Now I'm never going to be able to finish my Ghostbusters backpack.
(Posted at 5:12:52 AM EDT.)

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Granpappa is coming!
(Posted at 4:55:42 AM EDT.)

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Oh my God! It is just like a Tomagotchi that I can feed and pet!


(Posted at 9:42:22 AM EDT.)

Friday, June 14, 2002

And Space Pens too 2...
And I guess I should add the blob the list. I bet even he couldn't melt a space pen and he was supposed to represent the commies, who as reptilians emitted poison acid gases that could melt anything.

Space Pen

(Posted at 4:34:58 AM EDT.)

And Space Pens too...
And space pens are also indestructible like the wolf man.

Space Pens

(Posted at 4:30:47 AM EDT.)

Space Pens
I bet space pens are indescribable. Just like Dracula.

Space Pens

(Posted at 4:27:27 AM EDT.)

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

I seriously hope that the SuperCroc exhibit comes to the Ward Foundation.


(Posted at 6:54:08 AM EDT.)

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

The Nice Thing About Being a Computer
I was thinking, Nixon's dog, Checkers vs Chinook would even be cooler than Deep Blue vs Chinook. But Checkers is dead. That is the nice thing about being a computer. You may not get to eat Kibbles and Bits and hump, but you have a much longer life span than a dog.
(Posted at 6:54:57 AM EDT.)

Monday, June 3, 2002

Deep Blue vs Chinook
Deep Blue vs Chinook would be an awesome cross-over, like Superman fighting Batman or the time they put the Alien skeleton in Predator 2. Man that was something wild.
(Posted at 7:10:44 AM EDT.)

Sick of Hobbits
I'm sick of Hobbits anyway. What I need to be worrying about is practicing checkers. I'm going to have to get a lot better if I'm going to beat Chinook.
(Posted at 7:05:57 AM EDT.)

The Sword of the Lord
I thought this was the new Lord of the Rings movie. But I don't think that it is.

The Sword of the Lord

(Posted at 7:04:16 AM EDT.)

Friday, May 31, 2002

Building the Mexicrow
I think I figured out a way to build the Mexicrow. And a big one at that.


(Posted at 8:16:18 AM EDT.)

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

And thank God for the Mexicrow.


(Posted at 3:14:48 AM EDT.)

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Thank God for Mexico


(Posted at 8:41:49 PM EDT.)

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