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Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Gas Alert
All the gas is gonna run out. I can feel it. All those French people are gonna come over here and want to stay at my house and I just won't have any room cause I have all my canned goods stored in the guest room and my mistress/maid Lola will be in the Sun Room. I'd better go start hording gas and food before the panic hits stateside. Lola only eat vegie burgers. I sure hope there isn't a shortage on vegie burgers.
(Posted at 07:35:52 PM EDT.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Jungle Commandos
I heard that in the jungle commandos have been known to eat their own feces to survive. Anybody know anything about this? No way could I do that shit. Look, I made a PUN! I'm a genius.
(Posted at 11:51:51 AM EDT.)

Great Examples of Photoshop
That Mag-pu poster is a great example of just what you can do with Photoshop. A registered version of Photoshop of course. Goes without saying.
(Posted at 11:44:00 AM EDT.)

The Secret Life of Larry Snow
Just like Walter Mitty.

Link: Walter Mitty the Mighty Band
Picture: A picture of Mag-pu, some of the Walter Mitty band's foolhardy friends. Nice poster.

(Posted at 11:40:14 AM EDT.)

Monday, September 11, 2000

Spending a little extra time always shows in the finished product.
A sand dune in my painting would really draw out the more subtle qualities of the deer and wizard. It would set the right mood.
(Posted at 09:36:46 PM EDT.)

My Mood is My Brood
That puts me in the mood of a moody painting. Think I'll put on my mood toboggan and get out my moody blue paints and paint a moody looking deer fighting a moody looking wizard. I call the painting "Flight of the Deer".
(Posted at 09:34:29 PM EDT.)

Deaf Lou
Deaf Lou was saying the other night something about how there ain't as many deer round as there used to be. Anybody know what he's talking about? Deaf Lou was always one to wield his speech in an arcane sort of way.
(Posted at 09:29:09 PM EDT.)

Saturday, September 9, 2000

Oil Paint on Hand
It is a handy thing to have. I'll put a red streak on each cheek and I bet they won't charge me any cover at the bars tonight cause they will think I'm just mad. Or I could cover my whole face in blue and then I'd be just like that Anthony on the cover of Titus.
Picture: Titus

(Posted at 09:11:34 PM EDT.)

What have I found?
I found a doo dad.
(Posted at 09:17:35 AM EDT.)

Friday, September 8, 2000

...but I forgot
the nice picture of Madonna. Here it is. How could I have ever forgotten it? Where is my mind, where is my mind...

Picture: A Nice Picture Remembered

(Posted at 01:19:19 PM EDT.)

What a nice picture...
...of Madonna.
(Posted at 01:16:06 PM EDT.)

Just kidding
Nobody painted my mind! I know my many fans were sitting there for a moment with baited breath for me to say "just kidding" and I have. Moon Worlds and Parallel Moons X2 don't exist and that sure isn't my mind. That is why my mind can never be painted. It is much more complex then "Dinosaur Moon" and "Devil Dino Riki Boy". For ever and ever. My mind is a super computer of thought. I create Parallel-Verses mrjordyleforgeAKAreadingrainbow. So stuff it up your ass.
(Posted at 10:39:26 AM EDT.)

If the guy who did the Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy team up with this guy who wrote "Dinosaur Moon", and melded them into one hyberdinopainting then that would have been my mind which is impossible... unless of course there ARE PARALLEL WORLDS.

Very spooky prospect...

Link: Dinosaur Moon

(Posted at 10:35:18 AM EDT.)

Maybe I was wrong...
This person painted exactly what was on my mind. I guess there is a first for everything. I've been dreaming about Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy for weeks now.

Link: Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy

(Posted at 10:32:39 AM EDT.)

Get it, I made a joke and told an Allegory
"Bayland", "OilPainting", "Oilspill", "Oilspill in the bay", "Oilspill in the bay ruining the land". Seriously, sometimes my allegorical mind of strength amazes me. That's one thing even I wouldn't try to paint. My mind.

Picture: RRRR!!! Inspiration for my next work

(Posted at 10:25:50 AM EDT.)

My Personal Goal: Oil Paintings for NASA
I'd like some of my oil paintings to be hung at a NASA base. Wallops would be nice. I'll use a little red and a little hue of blue. NASA if you would like to hang one of my oils in your lounge areas just drop me a mail. Otherwise Bay Land will get them, cause I reckon by the 23 century, Bay Land will be the next wallops. And old art is like WWII, nobody fucks with it. So my art will surely be classic. NASA you'd better phone me quick. But don't mail me today. I've got an sore inside my nose that is taking up a lot of my time... so I'm sort of busy. Try me tomorrow.

Link: This isn't the Bayland I was thinking of... still, fuck with em'.

(Posted at 10:14:53 AM EDT.)

Thursday, September 7, 2000

I'm hungry. Taco Bell.
(Posted at 07:53:49 PM EDT.)

Mistakes are still more interesting than shock art
See I even made a mistake in referring to my art work magnifico in my last entry. And guess what? It still isn't for SALE. Bitcheeess feed me boooooze

no period


like Atlantis Morrison,
Jim's sis
I'd fuck her,
I'm only humane society
and then I'd put her in the pound.

no period

It still isn't for SALE.

(Posted at 07:52:02 PM EDT.)

And that is what my first oil painting is about.
See I am way better than all those shock art fools. Using feces for child's toys or crapping on your cavas is nothing new. And they aren't even getting my publicity by me talking about it, cause I saw the Roadrunner do all that stuff back during the heyday of ACME. The pope struck down by a meteor isn't art. An oil painting called "A little frog asked me what BB meant... Booze and Bitches" - now that is something else. And it isn't for SALE. Booooooze.
(Posted at 07:46:12 PM EDT.)

A little frog asked me what BB stood for, and I said...
Booze and Bitches
(Posted at 07:40:46 PM EDT.)

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Oil Paintings
I'm taking up oil painting. So I am going to be selling my site. If you are interested drop me an email. I will still be in the Mind Lab, just painting though, meditating upon dark visions.
(Posted at 09:59:10 PM EDT.)

Temporary Changes
There will be some temporary changes occurring in this web space in the ensuing month.
(Posted at 01:34:24 PM EDT.)

Mistress Brandi Ryder
I looked to see if magic marker on her thigh Mistress Ming had a web site. The bad news is she doesn't, but the good news is that Mistress Brandi Ryder does. I'm so impressed by the Mistress Brandi Ryder's site. The graphics are really crisp. The name "Brandi Ryder" is great too. I bet there are a thousand Mistress Mings, but how many Mistress Brandi Ryders are there?

Link: Mistress Brandi Ryder

(Posted at 07:36:13 AM EDT.)

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

...Check it out...
I don't think it is her though. She was pretty ugly, or as we used to say back in those days "barf. Mistress Ming is pretty hot. I wonder what type of marker she wrote on her thigh with.

Link: Nasty Nicky Via your personal webrowser

(Posted at 08:56:06 PM EDT.)

Nasty Nicky
In 3rd Grade Nasty Nicky urinated through a straw. I was a changed man.
(Posted at 08:52:12 PM EDT.)

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Where has Larry been?
Don't worry about it. Cause I've risen once again.
(Posted at 09:58:34 PM EDT .)

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Tired of the Riddle Game
The answer to what is the white jewel of the Orient is "Fancy White Rice". I thank all of you who played.
(Posted at 01:20:40 PM EDT.)

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

YOU MUST be drunk FTP Frank, cause I am seeing double. If you don't stop I'm gonna bust your ass - posting my post twice. I hope you burn FTP Frank.
(Posted at 09:17:07 PM EDT.)

Riddle Several Days after the fact... Answer 3
It is not an Elephant. Later dudes.
(Posted at 09:15:02 PM EDT.)

Riddle Several Days after the fact... Answer 3
It is not an Elephant. Later dudes.
(Posted at 09:14:55 PM EDT.)

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Riddle Day 2
I have a lot of guesses come in as to what the answer to the riddle I posted the other day was. I will give everyone a hint... it is not rice.
(Posted at 03:22:59 PM EDT.)

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Today's Riddle
What is the White Emerald of the East?
(Posted at 09:49:25 AM EDT.)

Friday, July 14, 2000

Fiber Bran
I kick off every morning with a bowl of fiber bran. I tell you what that stuff is amazing. It should be a biological weapon it is so powerful. Food hits my stomach and it is instantly turned into organic waste. I eat a banana and it is immediately liquefied.
(Posted at 12:59:26 AM EDT.)

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Leaning Two
I'm going camping tonight, cause I made a lean-two out of some bags I found.
Link: Camp Out

(Posted at 09:53:48 PM EDT.)

I wonder what they keep in the barn...
Link: Barn

(Posted at 09:52:30 PM EDT.)

Dirty Dishes
So today I went into the lounge area and there weren't any dirty dishes in the sink. I opened up the cupboard and I be damned if there wasn't a whole stack of plates in there. They all had this little fern design on them. So I took about ten or so plates outs and I spit on each one. I spent all of lunch in the lounge. Two people came in and used two of the plates. Man, I am glad I have 8 more. 8 times the laughs!
(Posted at 09:35:06 PM EDT.)

Friday, July 7, 2000

Freedom is vast and I am curious about it. As a result, I beg you, let me see your wife's pussy, just for fun.
(Posted at 11:37:45 PM EDT.)

I span 79 times in the swivel chair and my brain was fried.
Link: Melties

(Posted at 07:27:54 PM EDT.)

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

I was lost in Phili the other night. I was looking for Deleware Ave. and I went up to this really good looking lady and I asked her for directions. She told me and asked me if that was all I wanted. I said yes and I left. I think she was mad.
(Posted at 09:34:03 PM EDT.)

My buddy Brian tells me that Pokemon Macaroni tastes way better than regular macaroni. Cool-Mo-D.
(Posted at 09:32:17 PM EDT.)

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