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Mission Statement:

Chook Industries leads in providing practical business solutions that meet individual and mainline need source with the promise of broad range integrated conditional assurance giving the multilateral response that today's over efficient markets want. This communicative goal is the principle keystone of good foundation in allowing competitive minute to minute rates for aid in the distribution of free synthesis which radical enterprise, performance and program faultfinding often desire in the large picture. Forever is a long time where priority becomes a means to an ends allowing us to give clientele new starts with a locus of workflow that curtails action over excess slowdown in an effort to maintain tangible yet well countered agendas. We realize that inquiring minds want to know, and make our precedent tomorrow's horizon on time, all the time, any time.


Coming from an impoverished background, Larry Snow vowed at a very young age to become someone who made a difference. Larry ran away from home at 13, after faking his own demise to escape his father, the notorious town drunk at which point Larry built a raft and sailed down the muddy Mississippi. Cut off from modern world Larry lived off the land, learning to cherish and respect the many resources it bore unto him. When he needed money, Larry developed a magic act, which even today, he still dazzles audiences with. Although he loved nature and the open road, Larry also realized such a day would come when he would be older and wiser and would perhaps want more. With this such incredible foresight for a young individual, Larry proceeded to put himself through a rigorous self education while still finding time to become an Eagle Scout, which today he has honor of being the youngest ever. By 22, Larry was still rafting the Mississippi. One day, near the Gulf, Larry passed a shrimp owned by Jim Shooter, who is today the Vice President of Chook Industries. Jim explained how his shrimp business was loosing money and Larry said, "Jim if you let me run this shrimp business, we'll make money." The words were prophetic and Chook Industries has been going strong ever since.

Message from our President.

"God bless each and everyone of us, Carpe Diem."

Note - All employees of Chook Industries are not listed here - this is a representational sampling selected by Larry Snow.

President - Larry Snow
Vice President - Jim Shooter

Head of Legal Department - Laura Hadaway
Head of Research and Development - Jerome Church and Martha Holmes
Head of Promotions - Lou "TJ" Jobs
Webmaster - Cliff Woodman
Graphic Artist and B.I.T.M.A.P. Director - William "Walt Owens" Brazil
Head of Writers' Guild - Rupert Manos
Editor-in-Chief - Ruth Garrett
Writers' Guild - Bjorn Carlson, Lisa "Gretz" Sommers, Al Miles, and Brian Chen
Business Liason - Kurt Watson
International Relations Officer - Petra Jolles
Head Assitant - Molik Opal
Intern - Joe "Mac" Monson
Head of Maintenance - Chad Tulak
Floor Foremen - The Wooten Bros.
Floor Operator - Lester Wilkerson
Honorary Employee - Redd Dave

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